Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 7: Laughter

"Laughter is part of the human survival kit."
I pretty much have the best Statistics professor known to mankind. We listened to videos making fun of computer pronunciations.  Why is that so funny to me?? Furthermore, why did no one else in the class think it was funny but me and the professor? Needless to say, we both spent several minutes crying over the ridiculousness of it all. Best of all, I left Stats not hating my life! Thats a big accomplishment!! 

When life gets too much to stand, lay on your bed and laugh until you cry for no apparent reason while your roommate stares at you with wide eyes, wondering what possessed you. Great philosophy eh? It worked for me! I've found that when I'm most stressed, I laugh at the most ridiculous things. Laughing to hide the pain? Pretty much. But it works! Every day on my way home from class, I try to think of something funny. It's the only way I can face the rest of the busy day. What I've found is that on days where nothing else eases the stress, laughter works without fail. I'm so grateful we have laughter! Simple as it may be, it really is a huge blessing. The days I can laugh at myself are the days that I can handle the burdens of life. I'm grateful that laughter truly is the best medicine and for those who make me laugh :) 

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