Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good week!

  • Sunday, May 27
    • Marie's farewell! Who knew that when we became friends in preschool that we would remain so close throughout elementary school, middle school, high school, and three years of college (despite the rivalry!). I am so glad we are going to be serving missions at the same time. It was so great to have someone to discuss the stresses of mission preparing with. I will surely miss the sarcastic texts and nights by the fire, but Louisiana will be so happy to have her! It was also great to see old friends. I love that when we get together, its like we were never apart. 
    • The sad part of Sunday: Saying goodbye to my dearest Stephanie Bishoff :( She has moved to California for the summer and came home for her brother's homecoming. It was my first mission goodbye! I won't be able to see her again until I leave, but I know that not even 5,000 miles will keep us apart!
  • Monday, May 28
    • Memorial day-My favorite holiday! We spent the morning at the Monroe Cemetery for a memorial service. We visited a few other cemeteries and looked up a few ancestor's graves. It was a beautiful day and so nice to spend the day with the family. 
  • Tuesday, May 29
    • Uh... I don't remember what happened...
  • Wednesday, May 30
    • Abby and I decided to wake up early and spend the day in Provo shopping for mission clothes. Abby probably hated every second of it, but she had a good attitude anyway. I must admit, I can't blame her. I am SOOOO ready to be done shipping. I'm not much of a shopper to begin with, and with all the searching for wrinkle free, washable, warm, and matching clothes that don't look hideous is harder than you would think. But Cafe Rio made it better :) 
    • Lunch with Jenna (Oakley) @ Zupas. I just love that girl and wish we didn't live 3 hours apart.
    • He Is We Concert. After getting lost numerous times, trying to find parking, and waiting in line for an hour, we finally made it in! The first two opening bands weren't too bad. When the third got on, we just assumed it was He Is We (We've never seen them before, and have only listened to a view of their songs...). They were AWFUL! I was super disappointed... then we realized it was just another opening band. He Is We ended up being so great and we absolutely loved the concert. We were definitely tired after a long day, but it was worth it.
    • Thursday, May 31
      • We spent the night at Aunt Ginny's, and woke up to cinnamon banana french toast. Could you ask for anything better?? Nope
      • Mission Shower-My mom's dear friend threw me a surprise mission shower! It was honestly the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.  I know it took a lot of work and everyone was so willing to selflessly sacrifice to help me on my mission. I am so incredibly grateful for the women in my life that support me and love me, especially on this new adventure! A HUGE thanks to Janet Billingsley for organizing everything, and to everyone else for the wonderful gifts! Also, I embarrassed myself by putting socks on my hands because I thought they were gloves... oops! 
    • Friday, June 1
      • OAKCREST FRIENDS AND FAMILY DAY!!! Best day of my life! I never thought I'd love that drive, but I was just so excited to be at camp again. Everything looked and smelled so beautiful. I absolutely loved seeing all my old counselor friends again. The program with the new staff was great and I felt the Spirit flood me again, just like I had never left. I am so excited for all the new staff members and know they are going to have the best summer, changing thousands of lives. Preparing for a mission has been tough... I've been discouraged and second guessing myself. As soon as I was back at camp, I remember everything I had experienced last summer. My testimony was strengthened and I felt revived. I had forgotten how happy and friendly everyone is at Oakcrest  :) Going back  was an answer to prayers, just like it has been so many times before.
    • Saturday, June 2
      • Terry Family Reunion! We spent the day at the Hogle Zoo. The little kids are all so cute! And the new Rocky Shores exhibit was open with a polar bear and sea otters!  All of my family members were there at some point except for one (We missed you Michael!). It has been YEARS since all of us have been together. I realized that I really don't know when we'll all be together again...It was the perfect piece to my summer before I leave. I'm so grateful that we get to spend forever together.