Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 18: Answered Prayers

I'm a day late. Don't judge... So I left Provo Friday night at 9 pm just as it was starting to snow, headed to a bridal shower that was Sat. morning. My usual hour long drive to Ephraim ended up taking two hours. I've never driven this car in the snow before and I was by myself, in the city (still a big deal for me!). It was a complete white out! I could not see a single thing in front of me, including the sides of the road or where my lane was. The road was covered with slushy water and I started hydyoplanning. I had no idea where I was and realized I had no idea how I was going to make it the whole drive.  Through the tears, I prayed and pleaded. I was able to not only make it to Ephraim in safety, but to have my troubled heart feel peace.

I am so grateful that we can pray. I am grateful that we can have our prayers answered. He hears every word. There are so many occasions where I feel that Heavenly Father is the only one I can talk to, who understands. And better yet, He can actually help. And He does, every time.

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