Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 26: Life in a Bubble

I've recently realized that I've lived my entire life in a bit of a bubble. I went to high school in a dominantly Mormon community with a graduating class of 75, moved to Snow where I rarely had roommate problems and everyone had the same beliefs as me, I then worked at Oakcrest where we couldn't wear anything but pants and t-shirts, didn't say anything resembling anything negative or similar to swearing, and only listened to approved music, and now I'm at BYU living in Happy Valley and surrounded by people just like me...

While many people would absolutely hate the narrow-mindedness and lack of variety, I am happily living in my own little bubble. I grew up in a town that shops at Wal Mart and writes letters to the editor about Repulican candidates and four wheeling trails. Don't get me wrong, I love learning about absolutely everything and live to travel, but I'm quickly learning how much there is that I don't want to experience. Take for example Black Friday or our skip over Thanksgiving to focus on consumerism...what has society turned into?  Or The Twilight Series. Who writes a novel geared toward teenage girls and then introduces scenes blatant sexuality and a baby covered in of flesh and blood? I often find myself longing to live in the mountains in a cabin far away from the world (Yes, I saw Breaking Dawn...).

Maybe that's a little dramatic. What I'm getting at is that although many would find my "lack of living" naive and ignorant, I view my lifestyle as refreshing and safe. I don't mind one bit that I live in what some would call a bubble. In fact, I enjoy it! That doesn't mean I'm judgmental or uneducated. I just choose a lifestyle that separates me from so many things that bring misery and discomfort. As they say "ignorance is bliss" right?

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