Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 20: Family Dinners

I may or may not have gone home this weekend, even though Thanksgiving Break is two days away. I had good reasons! But I realized just how much I love my family and spending time with them. I realize every time I'm with them, but today was superb. Conversation before dinner:
Me: Abby, Mom told me today that I'm the favorite daughter
Abby: Really? Because today Mom said to me that she doesn't even consider you her daughter so that means I fulfill the top position.
Me: Mom said thats not possible because you're rude.
Dad: Dad says that Abby should say that prayer.
Abby: Abby says... the prayer. 
Why is that so funny to me!?! My eyes were leaking during the entire prayer. I love my family so much! I adore the ridiculous conversations we have around the dinner table. The silly comments, how Abby hands me her plate every single time, eating ice cream, going around the table hugging everyone afterwards, and the discussions we have.  My family is definitely ridiculous, but I am so glad we can have family dinner together.

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