My Favorite Things

people watching 
personality tests
Ingrid Michaelson
hot showers
laughing until I cry
Reading the Book of Mormon
socked feet
camping on the beach
brushing my teeth
star gazing in the middle of nowhere
evening walks
Death Cab for Cutie
how my Dad seems to know everything
flip flops, t-shirts, and hoodies
homemade salsa and hot sauce
"good morning" texts
the color Maroon
Ice cream
self-help books
Patriarchal Blessings
John Allred
making lists
long talks with my mom
people running their fingers through my hair
my brother's witty sense of humor
Colorado, especially Ouray
waking up in summer to a cold breeze and wrapping up in my blanket
sitting on Joseph hill looking out over the valley
watching documentaries
the live music "high"
Temples (Manti!)
Late night fires
TED Talks
when you aren't supposed to laugh so everything is 10x funnier
throwing rocks into the river
hearing about people's passions
that feelings of knowing someone trusts you enough to tell you everything
growing up in a small town
cherry cheesecake
acoustic guitar
boys who play acoustic guitar
sleeping on car rides
watching the moon rise over the mountains
old mining towns
when my closest friends call me Becs
the smell of alfalfa
mint hot chocolate
Christmas time
Mexican food
canyon drives
missionary letters
book club and tea time
making lists
home movies
visits to Phoenix
candles and lamps
frozen grapes
home grown vegetables in the summer :)
Duck Creek
learning about languages
re-reading journal entries
porch swings
poofy dresses
Deep conversations late into the night
the Marines
The Joseph Smith Movie
going for drives just to get away
childhood pictures
going to the dentist
ponderosa trees (especially the smell!)
waking up at odd hours and realizing I still have hours of sleep
setting my alarm for odd hours to experience above stated joy
the "spiritual high"
missionary work
the Jeep :)
Old, decaying houses
banana nut muffins