Friday, September 30, 2011

These are the Moments

So, I'm gonna brag for a second. I had an AMAZING week!!! Since I enjoyed it so much, naturally I'm writing a blog about it. Lucky you :) Below are the highlights from the week.
Jimmer's All Stars-Let's be honest, I've never cared about Jimmer a day of my life... Did I watch a single BYU basketball game last year? Nope! But, my roommate and I got discount tickets for the All-Star game. Legit? Yes!!! NBA basketball all stars, who could ask for more? Compared to high school basketball (which is all I've ever watched) it was magical. Am I obsessed with Jimmer? Not in the slighest. BUT! I do feel like a true BYU student now. 
Cafe Rio-Dacy came down from USU and so I had lunch with her and Lauren. I won't lie, I still have a hard time accepting that they used to be my complete enemies. But times have changes :) And who doesn't love Cafe Rio???
BYU vs. UCF Football game- Since when does Bec care about football? Well, pretty much since 3 weeks ago. Do I understand it? Not on my own... but I love it! It's so much easier to understand when you're actually there. And! My tickets were on the third row! That's right, THIRD! And we won :) We forgive and forget, right? Well...some day we'll forget the Utah game... 
General Relief Society Broadcast-I won't lie, I was INCREDIBLY  tired through the entire thing. I managed to stay awake and get some pretty legit insights. President Uchtdorf is about as good as it gets!
Back yard bon fire- So.... I seem to have an addiction. To fire... What can I say, it's a problem. I got to go home for the first time since school started. I will NEVER get sick of going home! I had a fire in my backyard under a blanket of beautiful stars (I miss them so dearly!). Better yet, three of my very best friends from high school were there. Did it last til 4 am? There's a pretty good possibility! But you know how I live for those deep conversations that only come late into the night. Thanks Marie, Rachel, and Ryan 
Jimmy's Farewell-Best. Farewell. EVER! Seriously, he's on his way to be the next General Authority. I was BLOWN away by the words he spoke and the spirit he facilitated. Washington won't know what 'em! Bonus: I got to see a ton of friends from high school, including my Snow College roommates! Not to mention my incredible family
Prank Wars: It's still in it's weak stages, but we're getting there. After printing look alike pictures of some guys in our ward, Bret's car got seran wrapped. So we decided to go to their apartment and steal all their chairs. Well, their roommate kind of gave them to us...we're innocent! After being invaded, we finally signed a peace treaty involving stuffed wolves and cheesecake. We'll see if they follow through.
BYU Police Beat-A beautiful discovery has been made in "The Daily Universe"! The BYU police report!!! Does it get better? I think not! Here are just a few examples: 

  • A student reported his backpack stolen. He found it later.
  • A man claimed another man rammed him with a stroller at the bus stop. He believed the other man was cutting in line. The matter is under investigation.
  • A student through he found his stolen bike by the Kimball Tower. Officers checked the serial number and determined it was not his bike. 
  • There was a call reporting two suspicious people sleeping on a sidewalk. Officers arrived and discovered they were not sleeping and were not on the sidewalk. They were lying on the grass talking to each other
Do you see the beauty???
Graded paper-I wrote a paper with absolutely no idea what I was doing. I received it back with the remarks " Absolutely perfect! This is brilliant!" I guess I'll take what I can get!
Speaker Phone Call-There is nothing better than getting a phone call from two of your previous roommates on speaker phone. Emily and Sarah, I love you a lot! It definitely made my life complete to hear from those two beautiful souls again. 
Roommate dinner-Whoever made the decision that it was okay for us to be in public together was terribly wrong! We went to Olive Garden for Natalie's birthday. As a result, we completely creeped out one of the waiters by talking about him every time he passed, and once while he was standing right next to us. SOOO worth it! 
Provo Temple-I decided to be a good student and get my homework done early so I could go to the temple. I still feel super awkward there with missionaries flooding that place, especially having 4 friends in the MTC. But I absoutely love that temple and being able to do baptisms. After watching 17 miracles last night (which my next door neighbor was in! Woot!) I realized one again that I am incredibly blessed beyond all comprehension. 
 So there you have it! Definitely a week to remember! And one cannot forget that question I was asked today in class. "Will you please grade our unicorns and tell us which one is better?" Why yes, don't mind if I do! And tomorrow I not only get to wake up to my "Friday" alarm (a personal favorite), but I also have my Oakcrest reunion!!! WAHOO! I cannot wait! You may be thinking to yourself, "Dude, Bec's life must stink if she's looking for such pathetic things to enjoy" Well, let's be honest. You're probably right. But at least I'm happy :) 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Livin' the Dream

What happened to July and August??? Life is crazy! The summer flashed right before my eyes. I'm sure you're well aware that Oakcrest is now over. Along with that, life is now over. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic. But let's be honest, a huge part of me there. Leaving camp was much harder than I expected it to be. I have never felt God's love so powerfully as I did there. I never dreamed I would miss scraping plates, getting dressed in .5 seconds, and not showering. More than anything, I miss the optimism Oakcrest provided in my life. The world is much different to me than it was when I left for camp. Yes, I'm completely awkward now. But that's not what I 'm referring to.

So, rumor has it I'm living the dream. You better believe it!!! I've now been in Provo for three weeks now. At first, I was terrified and feeling lonely. Adjusting to life after Snow College is hard, no matter where you are. Let's face it, Snow is just as good as it gets! But with time I've adjusted to a big school, city life, and moving on without my friends right by my side. Some of my beloved friends have been kind enough to take me in and let me tag along, for which I am incredibly grateful.  I must say, Oakcrest not only blessed my life at camp but continues to help me every day! For one, I am now surrounded by a dozen people from camp who truly help me every single day. They are the greatest friends I could ever ask for. Second, I have been blessed with faith as I face this new life. For some reason, most hard things don't phase me much any more. I know this is where I'm supposed to be. There are opportunities here that I can't wait to find.

 How do I like BYU? Words cannot express the deep love I feel for this place! The dream I've had since I was twelve years old is now a reality. I can feel the Spirit on campus! My teachers can take any subject and relate it to the gospel. My Psych 201 professor is possibly my new hero. He truly challenges us intellectually, and relates the gospel in such a profound and stimulating way. I absolutely love it here. I was able to go to the CES fireside of Elder Oaks, and a BYU devotional given by Elder Anderson. I worried that by being around so many incredible people, I would feel lost and inadequate. Instead, I find it intriguing and it motivates me to be better. Yes, the BYU stereotypes drive me crazy! Certainly, there are people here that fit them. But for the most part, I have met some incredibly sincere and humble people. I've come to realize just how much of it's in our heads. People come here, knowing that "typical BYU student" expectation is set for them. And so they conform to it. It's all about what you look for. What a blessing it is to be in an academic environment that is sponsored by the church. No I'm not engaged. Talking to boys pretty much gives me paralysing anxiety due to Oakcrest. But I'm adjusting! 

It's miracle time! Once upon a time it was the first day of school. I had been having a hard time adjusting to being so far away from the ones I loved. I started to pray for opportunities to make new friends if I made a sincere effort to meet people. I went to the library to do some reading and left feeling bummed with the realization that I was pretty much here alone. As I left the library, I stumbled (quite literally) upon some fellows laying on the sidewalk and grass. Trying to get out of their way, I was asked by two guys if I wanted to join them in nightgames. Feeling sorry for myself, I declined and continued on my way. I heard them from a distance joking about their rejection. I got about 50 yards away when I stopped and felt the need to go play. I realized this was the opportunity I was looking for! However, I still had numerous things to do.  Again, I felt a strong desire to go join them! I turned around and started walking back, and then realized how ridiculous I would look after already walking away. Again, I felt a spiritual kick to the stomach, telling me to go play. After walking back and forth at least three times, looking even more ridiculous, I marched back to the group and told them I changed my mind and wanted to play. Throughout the night, I met some incredibly nice people. One girl came up to me afterward and told me she had just gotten home from a mission and didn't know very many people. We exchanged numbers and have hung out on a few occasions since then. I even joined the facebook group and now go every week! These students are possibly the most friendly and accepting people I've met at BYU. I feel a little piece of Snow College here with me when I'm with them. This group certainly has no idea of the impact they've had on me in the last three weeks, simply by asking a stranger to play with them. God works in mysterious ways. Even through nightgames!!! 

I'm still getting used to so many things here. Callings, roommates, walking 20 minutes to get to class, a class bigger than my high school, and the library (I get lost every time...). But every day comes with the promise of new opportunities and a step toward becoming the person I truly want to become. 

PS - I even got a picture with John Allred and met the guys from Kid History!