Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 24: Family

I love the game nights, washing the dishes together while listening to music, camping trips, tickle fights, daily phone calls, late night chats, working in the yard, nights on the porch swing, looking through pictures, watching movies, having political discussions, home videos,  truck rides, teasing and jokes, visits to museums, and family dinners.

Dad, Mom, Jake, Abby, you are my life, my love, and my joy. I'm thankful for parents who love each other as well as their children. They have selflessly sacrificed their own desires to ensure the happiness of their children. I'm thankful for two siblings who love me unconditionally, play with me, tease me, and teach me. While our family isn't perfect by any means, we love each other perfectly.

Through tests of patience and lessons of humility, we have learned that the joy of family doesn't come through the absence of sorrow and trials, but the ability to endure that hardship together. Yes, we're ridiculous to everyone else in the world. We occasionally lose our patience and shorten our tempers. But together, we create a unique family that I would never want to be without.

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