Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6: Sundays

Favorite picture ever!
Thank you Freshman
year of Snow College :)
It's funny how growing up really changes your view on pretty much everything. I can't say I ever remember a time when I dreaded church, but I certainly never enjoyed it as much as I do now. It amazes me how every commandment God gives is really an opportunity for Him to pour out His blessings upon us. As school and work have consumed every second of my life, I've made it a personal goal to not to any homework on Sunday. When I spend all weekend on it, and still don't get it done, its difficult to let it sit lifelessly on the shelf throughout Sunday. But what I've learned is just how big of a blessing the Sabbath day really is. Not only is it an opportunity to rest from our labors, but a time to receive the spiritual boost to get us through the week. I've truly gained a testimony of the importance of the Sabbath. 

Extra bonuses of Sunday: Wearing skirts (why do I love that?), Sunday naps, indexing, writing missionary letters, Sunday dinner, temple walks, drives up the canyon, phone calls home, church movies (wahoo!), journal writing, firesides, church music, and roommate bonding :) And as we say at Oakcrest, "THE CHURCH IS TRUE!"

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  1. Its true. I love not doing homework on makes it easier to get back to work on Monday.