Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Day I Swore I'd Never Live

Who was I kidding, thinking I could sneak through two years at Snow College and never step foot at Western Swing!? From the day I stepped foot in Ephraim, I have heard every reason imaginable as to why I should go to Western Swing. I had many reasons for not going, none of which seemed to satisfy anyone. Working until 10:30, hating country music, not knowing the dances, being sick, tired, and hungry; none of them seemed to suffice. My roommates last year gave up quickly. My roommates this year? Not so much. Week after week, day after day, I have listened to bribes and nagging, begging and pleading. I got to where I loved Wednesday simply because I could come home and spend the evening alone, relaxing after 5 and a half hours of work. No matter how much I told Calliane, Steph, Sarah, Erica, and Jamie  I would NOT go to Western Swing, they continued to pout. 

Last night, an interesting situation came about. Stephanie had made oatmeal-raisin cookies and we were all enjoying them, with the exception of Calliane. She happens to hate raisins. No matter how many times we told her you couldn't taste the raisins, she refused to eat them. Finally, Steph decided to charge at her, sit on her, and attempt to shove cookies down her throat. When that failed, everyone just started yelling at her, telling her to eat the cookie. Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea!  (One that I obviously didn't think through very far). I told Calli that if she ate a cookie, I would go to Western Swing. After begging me to let her choose the cookie, she finally accepting the one I had selected. After staring at it for 20 minutes she finally ate it!!! TWENTY MINUTES! Sure enough, she couldn't even taste the raisins. And that's when my fate was decided. I was going to go to Western Swing and there was no way around it.

After dreading it all day, I finally came home from work, put on my plaid shirt, and left to enjoy the last 40 minutes of Western Swing. Despite my desire to hide in the corner and people-watch, I actually danced quite a few songs (with some kind gentlemen who were patient enough to endure my poor following). So what's the verdict? Well, even though I felt like my arms were going to get ripped out a time or two and feeling rather nauseous from all the spinning, I actually didn't mind it! It was, indeed, exactly as I expected. But despite the twang in the music and being surrounded by wranglers and cowboy boots, I survived. I dare say I even enjoyed myself! I would have enjoyed myself more if I had any idea as to what I was doing! If I actually knew the dances, I almost think I would go to Western Swing. So, I can now say I have lived the Snow College life to it's fullest! Have I accepted my inner small-town girl? Yes! Will I ever love country music? Definitely not. Tolerate it? Its debatable :) 

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  1. YAY for Becca! Lol it’s fun isn't :) I’m proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone :)