Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Wish

As I've gotten older, my attitude toward Christmas has been humbled and changed. As circumstances have separated my family by distances from three hours to halfway across the world,  I have learned that no amount of presents can make up for the lack of family. It took calls from Afghanistan and near death experiences for me to learn that holidays are far more than presents and decorations. I only wish that one day, I could have a Christmas without receiving gifts or feeling the expectations of giving the right ones. I wish that the Spirit of Christ wouldn't be pushed away by the desires of our selfish hearts. This Christmas, I realized just how little presents mean to me. I realize just how much I want to help anyone and everyone I can. Maybe someday I will be able to make this Christmas wish of mine real; to spend my Christmas day not opening gifts, but giving them to those who need them more than I. Sure, spending the morning opening presents and drinking egg nog was great. But the highlight of this Christmas was helping a family in need. It was spending Christmas Eve looking at pictures with my family and playing games. It was remembering the Savior, Jesus Christ, and honoring His birth. It was sitting by the fireplace and racing to put the nativity puzzle together. It was relaxing in front of the Christmas tree and reading my journal, looking back on what I've learned in years past. It was having my family together at last. One of the best so far? No doubt! 

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