Saturday, July 9, 2011

"You will find true happiness"

Two more weeks at Oakcrest have flown by in the blink of an eye! Week five is over. Guess what that means? We're halfway done! I am saddened to think that this divine calling will end so soon. Part of me feels like I've been at camp for a week or so. Another part feels like I've been there my whole life. I can hardly remember what a normal life feels like! 

As for the last two weeks, they were as adventurous as ever! Week 4 was a miracle. Period. I had been deep in thought the weekend before about how much more I could do for my girls. With my prayers and fasting, I hoped I would be able to love my girls unconditionally. When Monday morning came around, I immediately felt like those girls were my best friend. They were hilarious! I actually wanted to spend my free time with them. I realized just how much the Savior really does fill in the gaps when we try our hardest. I truly felt that I could see at least a small portion of their potential and Heavenly Father's love for those girls. I miss them so much already! Note to self: be warned when a mother writes "chatty" on her camper card. Highlights: definitely convincing the girls we had baby monitors in the cabin and listened to everything they say, and a girl trying to take a picture of the north star with her disposable camera

Just one experience to share: Thursday night, I had NO IDEA what to teach unit prayer on. This is a far too familiar situation. While at staff meeting, I had a feeling as clear as glass that I needed to teach on families. I prepared the lesson and went out to teach the girls. When I went out, two girls were crying. One had a received a letter that her grandmother had passed away and the other was crying because he dad had passed away when she was younger and the feelings came back very strongly. I panicked that the topic would be too sensative to discuss. Debating on changing it, I once again had that undeniable feeling that I needed to teach on families. So I proceeded. The lesson went much different than planned, but still focused on families none the less. One of my girls pulled me aside after to ask further questions and talk to me about a few things. As we talked, I realized just how badly she needed that lesson. I ended up receiving a note from her best friend telling me how much she needed that lesson, as well as her friend. It was the sweetest note I've ever read, saying that unit prayer contained the answers she was looking for the entire week, that she looked up to me, and that I had changed her life. I know, however, that it wasn't me that changed her but the Spirit. Departing from those girls was truly the hardest part of the week. 

As for week 5, let's just say my energy was a little low. I tried to fake it but I don't think the girls were convinced. It took until Thursday night to really feel any connection to them. My hardest part of the week was patience. That lack of gratitude and whining just gets right to me. Highlight of the week? I was able to give a little presenation to the entire camp on the 4th of July about what freedom means to me. I shared with them my experience of having Jake deployed. It was wonderful! I received so many compliments. I am truly realizing how much the Spirit can teach when we facilitate it. It was a hard thing for me to get through, for it is so dear to my heart. But I realized that not only can we benefit from our trials, but so can others. Those two deployments were so hard, but that night made it entirely worth it knowing that others were able to feel that gratitude and respect. Due to the flash flood this week, I was able to see what a joy and gift music is in our lives. Nothing unifies those girls or calms them quicker than song.

Favorite quotes of the last two weeks:

  • First thing my dad says when I come home: "You look like a hippie."
  • I wrote this in one of my girls cards without realizing how creepy it sounded: " Remember that people are always, always watching you."
  • After doing foam slide in the rain, a girl says " Is it safe to shower when there's a storm?"
  • (this one's for the boys downstairs) As I'm telling the girls the other names I was considering, one said "I don't think I'd like you if your name was sledgehammer..."
  • After telling my girls we're going star gazing, one asks "What's star gazing..."
  • During introductions a girls says, "I'm from a really small town. You've probably never heard of it. It's called South Jordan."
  • While walking to the lodge, a girl says "Do they pay you to be optimistic? Because normal people aren't like this..."
  • After lending a girl my coloring book, I asked for it back. She said, "Oh ya, I was just keeping it safe in my suitcase" Hm...
  • While handing out bananas for breakfast, a girl asks "What are these for?" I stared at her for a second and said " eat?"
So to sum it all up, I've come to really realize what true happiness is. This job is the hardest thing I've ever done. Each day comes with so many challenges. But as I overcome them and trust in the Lord, I am able to see the miracles that happen every day. I am seeing what pure and true happiness come from teaching the gospel and bringing others unto Christ, just as the blessing I received when I was set apart said I would. I am determined to make these next five weeks the best 35 days of my life. Oakcrest, I am deeply in love with you! 


  1. Remember that people are always, always watching you? HA HA HA! I think that just made my day...

  2. oh the funny things people say. Becca Jane please always stay happy and optimistic, even if they stop paying you. :D